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Little Pepi

Personalised White Newborn Knit

Personalised White Newborn Knit

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TURN-AROUND-TIME (TAT): Next to each 'Colour-Size' variant you will see either 'IN STOCK' or 'PRE-ORDER'. In stock knits have a TAT of 1-5days +postage, preorder knits have a TAT of up to 3 weeks + postage.

Here at Little Pepi we think there is nothing cuter than personalised clothing! Our knits are the perfect way for you to show off the name of your pepi to everybody. We put love and care into making every single item a special keepsake that you can cherish even after they have outgrown it. Our knits are also great as a baby shower gift, or to use in a pregnancy/birth announcement photo. We can personalise the knit with short phrases other than a name, for example; 'baby Surname', 'hello world', 'I'm here', 'big sis', 'little sis'.

When ordering your knit there are a few decisions to make...

Size: Please note this knit is an oversized style, so your newborn might seem like they swim in it to start with (rolled sleeves helps with this), but it means they can hopefully get wear in it up until at least 3 months of age

Yarn colour/s: you can keep it simple and have just one colour, alternate between 2-3 colours... or choose a different colour for each letter! See the photos for yarn colour options. Please make your preferences clear in the 'yarn colour' text box when ordering. 

Name/words: here is where you tell us what you want stitched onto the knit. Writing will be on the front centre unless specified otherwise. What you type is also case sensitive, so if you would like a capital to start, then please use a capital when typing in the name. You can also opt for all CAPS (just type the name in all CAPS).

Symbol: You can add a symbol at a small extra cost (to cover the additional time it takes to create the knit). Please specify what symbol you would like, and if you have a preference of where the symbol is placed.

We can't wait to receive your order creations

Examples shown:

'lilly' yarn colours #1, 5, 10

'COOPER' yarn colours #6, 7, 8

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